Winter Tolt 20/21st November 2021!

We look forward to welcoming you to the first of the Winter Tolt series, on 20/21st November 2021. We will be having lessons on the Saturday with a one day competition on the Sunday.

Here is the entry form for the weekend:

Please email to

Our trainer and judge will be Silke Kohler from Germany, here is some more information about Silke:

My name is Silke Köhler. I am 51 years old and live south from Hamburg. I own an Icelandic-Horse-farm, Islandgestüt Bockholts-Hoff. I am A-Trainer since 2006 and national A-judge since 1992. At my farm live around 300 Icelandic-Horses. Breeding mares, stallions, sales horses, riding school horses, young horses. I am teaching and coaching many students. Some of them are hobby riders but most are competition riders. I am member of the Hannover/Bremen-Sportskader with four of my stallions. My specialities are pace and dressage. I like to train my horses as my friends so they love to work for me. And this is how l teach at our farm we train all kinds of Icelandic-Horses, from breaking in young ones over sales horses, hobby horses and sports horses for their owners and young stallions for breeding shows. We sell over 100 horses per year, from my own breeding, imported from Iceland and from people who want their horses to be sold. We are breeding around 30 foals every year and grow them up. And last but not least we have some apartments to rent for days or week for our tourists and guests who like to take lessons and go outriding in our beautiful nature.

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