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Fjolnir fra Eyri

Fjolnir2Fjölnir (IS2010) is 4/5 gaited gelding who was owned, trained and ridden by Jemimah. He is big with long strides and much tolt. It will be interesting to see how Fjölnir develops in the future as he has a lot of potential. His Sire is Mjölnir frá Hlemmiskeiði 3 and he is the half brother to Blíða on the dam’s side.

Snaevar frá Efri-Rauðalæk

snaevarmem1 snaevarmem3 snaevarmem2

(Photos: Neddens- TierFoto)

Snaevar frá Efri-Rauðalæk (IS2010164486) is a four gaited palomino gelding. He was imported to the UK in 2016 and won the V1 at the 2016 British Championships with Jemimah. Snaevar is now in Germany.

Kaspar from Witchampton


6 year old 4 gaited gelding, full brother to our own Svala, sold in the UK.

Assa fra Adaboli 1


8 year old five gaited mare sold on behalf of the owner in the UK.

Kria from Witchampton


7 year old four gaited mare out of our own Komma and Havardur. Sold as a companion horse.

Hilda fra Efri-Raudalaek

img_3176-1.jpg img_3356.jpg

9 year old five gaited mare, lovely character and clear gaits, sold to Germany.

Kainn fra Efri-Raudalaek

7 year old, five gaited, elegant, tall and alert gelding. We look forward to seeing him with his new owner shortly!

Sokkull fra Efri-Raudalaek

IMGP0780 IMGP0760

Sokkull has recently left us for a lovely new home, we are very pleased and look forward to updates!

Fluga from Bridford GB2010

IMG_0263.JPG IMGP0912 IMGP0936

Fluga is now back with her breeder and we are very happy for both of them! She is a happy, quick learning, four gaited mare who is sired by our own Havardur.

Fjalar fra Akureyri IS


Fjalar was with us for a very short time before being sold – He was a tall and easy tolting (4.5 gaited) 12 year old gelding (146cm) with a calm character, with a good colour to match so we are not surprised he was snapped up!

Silfur Stjarna from Homefield House


Silfur is a rising 7 year old, five gaited mare who was here for further training and is now sold for her owner and is in the north of the UK! She is a sweet, honest, happy horse who is brave and confident. She has a very natural tolt and has learnt extremely fast while she’s been here.

Silfur2 Silfur1

Ingimar from Old Hills

Ingimar is a sweet, honest palomino gelding rising 11 with a big character who has found his new home. He is an easy horse to be around and handle and is a great riding horse.


Testimony from the new owner:

“He is fabulous! We are getting on really well with each other and I am having so much fun with him. I am absolutely in love with this horse. Best decision of my life. We ride out every day. New routes with tractors, traffic, anything “scary” under the sun and he is bomb proof”.

Ing1 Ing2

Andvari fra Hotsmula

Andvari is a kind, rising 6 year old, 4-gaited gelding who was started here and has been sold for his owner. His sire is the well known Álfur frá Selfossi (8.46). He is energetic but sensible and with good wide ground gaits and a lot of tolt.

IMGP1003 IMGP0981And1

Blida fra Eyri – IS2008


Blíða is a seven year old, five gaited mare with clean gaits and a lovely temperament. She was imported from Benedikt Lindal in Iceland and trained by Jemimah as a 3/4 year old. In June 2015 she was assessed in Sweden and achieved 7.93 overall with 8.0 for tolt, pace, canter, spirit, form under rider and 8.5 for walk.

F: Blær frá Torfunesi (8.55)
FF: Markús frá Langholtsparti (8.36)
M: Blika frá Múla 1 (8.11)
MF: Hilmir frá Sauðárkróki (8.34)

Testimony from the new owner:

“Blida is such a kind and nice horse and we really like her! My little sister is smiling all the time while riding her”.

Dynjandi frá Efri-Rauðalæk – IS2009164490

Dynjandi ER 004


Lovely 6 year old black gelding with 5 clear gaits, imported from Iceland 2014. Stocky with lots of mane! Stunning character, excellent advert for the breed. Easy to do in all ways. Very soft snaffle mouth, and he will always try to do what you ask of him. Very friendly; comes to you in the field, sweet and easy to ride, either alone or in company, in the school or outside, is a fantastic uncomplicated riding horse who can do a bit of competition if desired! No sign of sweet itch. Dynjandi’s sire is also the sire of the 5 gait World Champion, Hraunar frá Efri-Rauðalæk.

F: Galsi frá Sauðárkróki (8.44)
FF: Ófeigur frá Flugumýri (8.19)
M: Spyrna frá Hellulandi
MF: Baldur frá Bakka (8.15)

Testimony from the new owner:

“Jemimah Adams, What a great horse Jandi was this weekend!! I couldn’t fault anything in two days riding over all sorts of terrain, riding, led, mounting, all the gaits, clay shooting right next to us, hang gliders, motorbikes, coaches and even a quad bike! He didn’t like the bikes much but they did go by really fast, and we could have done without the air release in the coach brakes going off, but he managed it all with minimal fuss”.

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