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Jemimah has ridden Icelandic Horses since 1994 and has been fortunate to spend time working in the stable with and had training from Maaike Burggrafer from Holland and Magnus Skulason from Sweden (who has won numerous titles, including the Five Gait and Pace World Champion), who she still trains with.

At University she studied Medical Biology, and went on to study for a PhD in Breast Cancer. After working as a post-doc, in 2012 she started to work with Icelandic horses full time. She trains horses of all ages, from starting youngsters to Sport level, and trains riders’ with their horses and riding, developing a range of leisure riders to Sport riders, including some of the GB team members.

Jemimah has represented Great Britain at World Championships since 1999, as well as at MEM. She also competes in the UK and abroad regularly.

In 2020, Jemimah was one of 4 successful trainee Judges to pass the IHSGB Regional judge exams.

She is the current Education Trustee for the IHSGB, where she has launched a number of Education and Sport initiatives.

Jemimah is also able to import and train horses for all levels and riders.

Jemimah is fully insured and available to teach in person or online via Ridesum. She is also able to take horses in for starting or training, whether you need help with the gaits, competition preparation, or just to give the horse some more experience. Get in touch for more information.



UK Coaching Duty to Care Digital Badge

UK Coaching CPD

Completed the Brosarpsgarden Icelandic Horse ‘Academy’ – with training from Baldvin Ari Guðlaugsson (breeding riding), Sigurbjörn Bárðarson (Diddi; riding), Magnus Skulason (sport riding), Gestur Julisson (veterinary and shoeing) and Ulf Kämpeback (mental and physical personal fitness).

BHS Level 1

BHS Riding and Road Safety

Trained for BHS Level 2



A finalist T3 and V2, OSI Gutheide, Germany 2017

British Champion F1, 2017

Winner T3, V2 and F2; Exloo Internationaal, Holland 2017

In 2014, she was one of only nine riders in the world who had been nominated by a judge for (FEIF) good and harmonious riding for the past three years in a row (2012, 2013 and 2014).

British Championship Feather Prize, 2017, 2015, 2006

British Champion in T1 2017, 2015, 2013

British Champion in V1 2017, 2015, 2014, 2013

A finalist in T2, British Championships 2015.

A finalist in Tolt T1 and V1; Exloo Internationaal, Holland 2015.

A finalist in Tolt T1; Isicup, Kjarni in Denmark 2015.

Winner T1 and V1; Exloo Internationaal, Holland 2013, 2012.

Winner T4; Exloo Internationaal, Holland 2012.

A finalist; Horses on Ice, Holland 2011.

British Champion in T2, 2010.

Winner V2; Wedstrijden Zuid NK, Holland, 2010.

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Supporting Companies/Sponsorships

Jemimah is very fortunate to have had support and/or sponsorship in the past and present from:

NAF equine

Mark Todd/Westgate EFI Ltd

Classic Showjumps



Selwood Equine

sponsor Jemimah and Kraftur with her Tack Pack following the British Championships 2015




4 thoughts on “Jemimah Adams

  1. Dear Jemimah Adams,

    My name is Eva Boden, I am 15 years old and I recently gratuated the 10th grade. My 16th birthday is on the 16. August. Now I am looking for some experience before I am starting my education. On your website I have noticed that a german girl already works at your farm, thats what I want to do too. I got your contact from Alexandra and Sindri. I am looking forward hearing from you.
    Thank you.

    Eva Boden

  2. Hi Jemimah,

    I am interested in purchasing an Icelandic horse here in the UK rather than importing.
    I would be looking for an older horse rather than a young one, I am interested in Dressage and trained in french classical and also hacking.
    I live in Mortimer, Berkshire and have access to woodlands and farm fields with hardly any road work.
    Please could you let me know if you have any horses that you have for sale, the black horse you have out on trial looks perfect.
    Best Regards,

  3. Hello Jemimah,

    I am considering an Icelandic horse for my daughter next year and would like to visit the farm and meet you and the horses and learn a bit more about the breed with a friend of mine.

    Thank you

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