Svala from Witchampton – GB2002271001

F: Hávarður frá Hávarðarkoti

M: Kolbra frá Ey I

Svala is a first prize four gaited mare and has stayed with Connegar Farm. She has been used herself as a breeding mare (see below for offspring). Click on her name for more information.


Mulinn from Witchampton – GB2002171002


F: Skotti vom Wiesenhof

M: Hind frá Fljótsbakka 2

Moulinn is a five gaited gelding and was sold when he was trained.


Kyndill from Stickland – GB2005171001

Five gaited gelding. Sold to Holland

F: Ófeigur frá Tóftum (8.19)

M: Kolbra frá Ey I


Svalbra from Stickland – GB2006271001

Five gaited mare. Sold to Holland

F: Ófeigur frá Tóftum (8.19)

M: Svala from Witchampton


Kjarval from Witchampton – GB2009171003

IMAG0157Kjarval is full brother to Svala and is a 5 gaited gelding with clean gaits like his sire. He was trained at Connegar Farm and sold to his current owner in 2014.


Atorka från Brösarpsgården – SE2009210616

Atorka was bred in Sweden in collaboration with Magnus Skulason and she grew up there. She was brought to the UK in 2013/14, trained by Jemimah and has now gone back to Sweden. She is a very beautiful and sensitive five gaited mare.

F: Hraunar frá Efri-Rauðalæk (8.72)

M: Ásdís frá Akrakoti

Sadly, Atorka was PTS in 2017/18 due to an eye problem.


Kría from Witchampton – GB2010271033

Kria is a four gaited mare who should have much tolt. She is full of energy like her dam. Kria was sold in 2017.

F: Hávarður frá Hávarðarkoti

M: Komma fra Barnegård


Steinunn från Brösarpsgården – SE2010201917

Steinunn was also bred in Sweden and grew up there. She was brought to the UK in 2013/14.

F: Kulur från Brösarpsgården (8.05)

M: Ásdís frá Akrakoti


Kaspar from Witchampton – GB2012171018

Kaspar is full brother to Svala and Kjarval. He is four gaited and was trained by Mike/Jemimah. He is a nice character to work with.


Snögg från Brösarpsgården – SE2013205739

Snögg was bred in Sweden and is growing up there in a large herd.

F: Simon frá Efri-Rauðalæk

M: Ásdís frá Akrakoti

Soley from Witchampton – GB2013271010


Soley is a five gaited mare sired by Svala and Símon frá Efri-Rauðalæk (8.55). She is currently going through training by Jemimah and has lots of pace!

Glæsa från Brösarpsgården – SE2014206767

Glæsa was bred in Sweden and is growing up there in a large herd.

F: Mjölnir frá Dalbæ (8.15)

M: Ásdís frá Akrakoti

Gloria from Witchampton – GB2017

Black/brown filly, likely 4 gaited.

F: Kolbeinn fra Efri-Raudalaek

M: Svala from Witchampton

Katur from Witchampton – GB2017

Chestnut gelding, shows a lot of tolt.

F: Snaevar fra Efri-Raudalaek

M: Komma fra Barnegard

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