Past horses in training

Katla and Alma

Katla and Alma, both 5 gaited mares were here for a few weeks training.

Kjarkur fra Efri Raudalaek


Kjarkur is an 8 year old four gaited gelding, with very good gaits.


5 year old 5 gaited (?) coloured mare here for starting and further training.

Hekla and Fonix

Hekla and Fonix were here for a few weeks training to improve their general gaits.


4 gaited mare who was here for a couple of weeks training for the owner.


5 gaited 14 year old mare, here for training for the owner.



5 gaited and fun gelding here for training after a break.

Blaevar and Lisa

These lovely 4 gaited horses, a gelding and mare, were here for a few weeks training for the owner, both were a delight to work with.



Sokkull was here for just over a week for a little ‘top up’, he hasn’t been here since going to his current owner so it was a lot of fun to ride him again!


Blakkur was here for further training after being started. He is a 6 year old gelding who has a lot of pace and tolt with good action and a sweet character. He has gone to Germany.



Fjola is rising 5 and was here for starting, she learnt fast and proved to be a very steady and enjoyable character to ride. We wish the owner the best of luck with this lovely mare.



Ofelia was here to continue her initial education. She is a 6 year old mare, who will be quite forward but has now gone home to have a break before her training continues.

Huggy and Orri


Huggy and Orri came for a couple of weeks training, both mares, a 4 gaiter and a 5 gaiter.


Assa is a 7 year old mare who was here for training with Jemimah for the owner, she is tall, quiet and has a lot of tolt! She will be missed!

Galdur fra Hotsmula

Galdur is a 6 year old gelding by Alfur fra Selfossi. He is a kind natured horse with very nice gaits. Here is a short video of his training while he was with Jemimah:


Lipurta was here for a couple of weeks training for her owner, she had extreme movements and gaits, here are some photo’s of her from while she was here:



Hilda was sold to Germany, she was a lovely 9 year old, nicely proportioned five gaited mare, that carried her rider well. Bags of tolt, but also ground gaits as well as a good pace! She was quite willing and nicely sensitive to the leg, brave and could tolt all day!

F:Gígjar frá Auðsholtshjáleigu (8.46)
FF: Orri frá Þúfu í Landeyjum (8.34)
M: Drottning frá Viðvík
MF: Hrafn frá Holtsmúla (8.56)



Kainn was a five gaited gelding that was imported and sold. He had great gaits and was tall and elegant.

Klettur fra Efri-Raudalaek

Klettur is a 7 year old, four gaited stallion. He was here for a few weeks training with Jemimah while his owner was away. He is also the half brother of our own stallion Kolbeinn!


dogunDogun is a lovely 6 year old 5 gaited mare, with great gaits and a good mind. She was started here by Jemimah and Charlotte and was back for continuing development but she has now gone home!

Beyla and Nanna


7 year old mares Beyla (4 gaited) and Nanna (5 gaited) were here for training with Jemimah and Agnes for a few weeks.

Atorka från Brösarpsgården

photo 1

Atorka is a very beautiful 5 gaited mare who is 7 this year (2016). She was extremely sensitive but developing all the time. She has a lot of pace. Her sire is the previous world champion in five gait, Hraunar frá Efri-Rauðalæk (8.72). After her initial training with Jemimah, Atorka moved to Sweden to continue her education.



Fjalar was a big, 4.5 gaited, 12 year old gelding who was sold on. He is very nice to ride out with clean gaits and a good mind and is loving his new home!



Silfur is a 7 year old five gaited mare who was here for a few months for training with Jemimah and sale. She was very brave and quick learning with good and plentiful tolt.



Ingimar was an 11 year old four gaited gelding who was purchased by Jemimah to be further trained on and sold. He was a very happy horse with a great character who made a great ride, and with nice gaits and colour to match – he will be missed.



Andvari is a 6 year old 4 gaited gelding, who was started here by Jemimah and sold on once he was ready. He has great breeding and gaits and will make a good riding and competition horse. He was a lovely horse to have here.


Reykur is a 6 year old five gaited gelding who was here for a few weeks for training with Jemimah after his initial start. He is a brave horse who was learning to be ridden more alone in the school and oval track or outside in company and to ‘see a bit more of the world’.


Kjarval1Kjarval, a 6 year old gelding, has been here a few times (since we sold him to the current owner) for training. He is five gaited with clear gaits and his tolt was progressing well on his last visit.


IMG_1295.JPGBlaevar was here for a couple of weeks training with his friend Roskur. He is an 11 year old very large black gelding who has lovely gaits. It was fun to have him here!


LjoriLjori is an 8 year old gelding who has great gaits – he was here for a short time for training in June 2015 and April 2018 and was a lot of fun to ride!


brjannBrjann is a 4/5 gaited gelding bred in Iceland. He was here for about 3 months in late 2014-early 2015 while his owner recovered from an operation. He has very good gaits and was an extremely nice character to have around the farm. While he was here, Jemimah worked on all gaits and his softness in the body. He recently came back for a short while and it was lovely to have him here again! NB Brjann is now back with us again!


IHSGB - OT Sep 2014 - 30013Audur21452537_10202236943512700_1983790895_n1451515_10202236943552701_523075074_n10250036_616938921729446_2462728860836951634_n

Audur came here for some starter training with Jemimah as a 4/5 year old. He is a four gaited stallion with first prize for conformation. He was a pleasure to train and easy and confidence-giving to ride. While he was here, he also learnt lateral movements, form and the start of tolt training. His owner now competes him in dressage! NB Audur passed away this year from an injury, a very sad time.


Edall is a 12 year old four gaited gelding who came for a bit of training/exercise with Jemimah! He was very much fun to ride, lots of energy with good gaits, and a proud expression.



Thor came to Connegar Farm to be looked after for his owner for a while – he is a four gaited gelding who was fun to ride. Jemimah worked on his form, softness and tolt and he even did some jumping while he was here! His owner is now enjoying hacking on him.

Sveipur (Sweepy)

Sveipur is a four gaited gelding with much tolt. He has been here a couple of times for training and is fun to ride. While he was here Jemimah worked on all gaits, softness, form, speed control and speed in tolt. His owner rides him competitively in the UK.




Jasmin is a five gaited mare who came here for a second part of training after a break of being started a little. She was an uncomplicated horse and was fun to ride out. She then returned for a little more training before being sold to her current owner who enjoys hacking her and taking her to courses. NB Jasmine was sadly pts in 2017.

Baltasar (Mr B)

Baltasar is a four gaited gelding who came here for some training after being started by his breeder. While he was here Jemimah taught him to have form, and started tolt training. He has good ground gaits with lots of movement. He has since been sold to his current owner who enjoys hacking him and coming for lessons to learn more! His owner says “Jemimah is a lovely person, a great teacher and an intelligent horse trainer. It’s a joy being in a lesson, choosing a horse with her or just hanging out at her yard.”


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