Horses for Sale

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in any of our horses for sale or to find out more information. All horses have been trained sympathetically including methods from Benni Lindal, Maaike Burggrafer and Magnus Skulason.

If we don’t have anything suitable available we often know of other horses for sale so please get in touch.

Price Ranges:
A – £0 – 2500
B – £2501 – 5000
C – £5001 – 7500
D – >£7500

Hrollur fra Hvolsvelli IS2008184975

13y old five gaited gelding, black, 145cm, tall and beautiful with a lot of mane, easy to ride in a group or alone. Long strides in walk, good trot and rocking horse canter, easy tolt, can be a little pacey at times. Comfortable willingness, not too fast or slow. Easy to catch, spray, rug. Not worried about the rider. Lovely horse who will make someone very happy and proud. Definite competition potential! Price range C.

Lakkris fra Einhamri 2 IS2015

6 year old, five gaited gelding, a classic Icelandic. Lovely chocolate brown with eel stripe. Around 140cm. Mature mind for his age. Sweet, comfortable ride with good even gaits. Tölt is his favourite gait and can be ridden at loose rein. Easy to catch and rug. Feels like an older horse to ride as he has a mature mind for his age. His dressage level is according to his young age. He is eager to learn and will rather stop midaction if he doesn’t understand than misbehave. Easy to ride out in company, will look at new things, but courageous. Comfortable and controllable forwardness. Price range C.

Hnokki fra Einhamri 2 IS2013

8 year old, five gaited good looking black pinto gelding, tall (>145cm) and proud. Easy to catch and rug. Friendly and polite. Medium willingness, good to control. Clear and big gaits, all gaits good and easy to get. Very responsive to leg, which would please a skilled rider. Nice to ride out in company, courageous. Possible competition prospect. Price range C.

Katur from Witchampton GB2017171009

Gelding 4 years old, out of our own Komma. Likely to be 5 gaited, curious and friendly. Perfect if you’d like a blank canvas! Komma was ridden at the World Championship’s in T2 with 2 different riders, and Katur’s father is Snaevar, who is now in Germany. Price Range B.

21 thoughts on “Horses for Sale

  1. is it possible for ruth colwell and i to come down on the 16th to have a lesson. and view any horses you have for sale. i would need a chunky built calm ,kind, first horse. as although i have ridden for over 30yrs, i regard myself as a nervous rider. and although short am rather chunky myself. thanks lorraine

  2. hi jemimah, is fjalar still for sale. he’s the sort of height i’m looking for. do you think he might be suitable. thanks lorraine collins

  3. jemimah, was wondering when you were next abroad buying. what sort of price i would need to let you have. if you can recall i am looking for a heavily built gelding about 10 – 12yrs old suitable for a novice rider. about 13.2- 13.3 hh if poss. thankyou for letting me see you wonderful horses. and looking into a mount for me. although you may know of something suitable in this neck of the woods,and not have to search abroad. lorraine.

  4. see your two beauties are on site. may i ask what a blup is? also would either be suitable for a novice icey owner. as you know i have experiance with mostly cobs. and the odd small childs ponies (welshies mostly). thanks lorraine.

  5. Just wondering if you could tell me a bit more about Hilda. Such as what age she was brought on, what is she like out hacking alone, with traffic. What is she like with other horses. Any signs of sweet itch. Also height and cost. Many thanks.

  6. Hello
    I’m looking for a weanling and (or) for an 12 Years plus one (no stallions)
    Pleasure home do loads of hacking around Europe
    Do you know anyone or have one for sale

  7. Hello, I am new to the breed. It very interested. I lost my beautiful fjord row weeks ago and am looking for a different pony as my partner in crime. I would be grateful if you could email me details do the above gelding.
    Many thanks,

  8. Hello, I have emailed you but also interested in more information, videos and a price on the beautiful black 9 year old gelding.

    Many Thanks

  9. Hi, I also was interested to know how much your black gelding is pls?
    I’m new to the Icelandic equine world but not to horses.

    Kind regards,


  10. Hello,
    Is the 9 year old black gelding still available?
    If yes, please would you email further videos/information etc.
    Thank you.

  11. I have just moved from CA to Robertsbridge, East Sussex and amazing looking for an opportunity to ride/lease an icelandic as I plan to be here about 2 years. I have been riding in CA on Icelandic’s 2-3 x week for about 6 months but still consider myself a beginner having started riding as a seasoned adult.

    • Hi,
      If you have a look at the IHSGB website on and under Horses for Sale, you may find some available for loan etc. We don’t have any currently. You could also try looking on the IHSGB website under Area Reps for your local rep who may be able to help you! Otherwise look on the IHSGB Facebook page or the Icelandic Horse Chat page- good luck!

  12. Hi there, tentitivley looking for my next horse. Sadly lost my Irish mare in April. Have ridden and cared for Icelandics in Iceland but have never owned one myself and I’m looking for something different compared to my previous horse. I’m looking for a fairly blank canvas that I can bring on to compete at an armature level in dressage as well as hacking. Would prefer a mare, but a quirky gelding would be considered and I’m looking for something on the taller/chunkier side of the Icelandic Spectrum. Really unsuse where to start looking in the UK and wondered if you knew of anything/anywhere I can start my search. Many thanks, Eve

    • Hi,
      We only have Soley currently for sale but more will come soon – If you have a look at the IHSGB website on and under Horses for Sale, you may find something. You could also try looking on the IHSGB website under Area Reps for your local rep who may be able to help you! Otherwise look on the IHSGB Facebook page or the Icelandic Horse Chat page- good luck!

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