Teaching Room


Teaching room complete with table for large groups, Kitchen area and WC with shower.

Indoor riding school

Parking and riding space outside Standing room Doors at either end Inside The indoor school has lights

External dimensions: 65 x 25m

Riding area: 60 x 23m

Viewing: Standing room only

Surface: Silica sand with wax, hessian and rubber.

Other: 2 large doors placed either end on the short sides of the school which allows for the possibility of pace riding.

3 entry doors for staff and audience.


Front view Rear view Inclined

Gym 2000 treadmill. Inclines to 10% with walk and trot options in speed.

9 different programs to choose from with a range of programmed times.

Round pen.

14m round pen inside the indoor school.RP7

Oval Track.


250m Oval Track compliant for competitions.

Speakers hut.

Pace Track.


250m Pace track compliant for Breeding shows and pace events.


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