IHSGB Summer Festival, Aston le Walls

We took 5 horses with us to compete at the IHSGB Summer Festival at Aston le Walls. Considering the surreal situation we currently find ourselves in with Covid-19, it was a very enjoyable event. We were very proud of our horses who did some of their best performances! We’d also like to congratulate the students, and horse owners we have sold horses to, who took part and did themselves proud. Here are some photos from the weekend.

Winter Tolt January 2019 Starting Lists

Starting lists are here for lessons on Sat 12th and for the final competition of the Winter Tolt series on Sun 13th! We have a bumper number of entries, and are very excited to see you there! Do let me know if anything in either of the starting lists is wrong:
As before, horses will be in grass paddocks in the big field next to the School so bring your tape! We will let you know where to park when you arrive, we do request that you don’t corral horses on the grass immediately outside the school. The forecast looks dry so we hope to be riding on the oval track 🙂 Lunches will be provided Sat and Sun with a donations pot as usual.
Bring your competition shoes, points mean prizes (and some fun)!

Almost a New Year…

Here we are at almost another New Year! The last year has been busy and a lot has been going on at Connegar, so here are some photos from the last few weeks to lead us into 2019! We thank everyone for their support this last year and hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

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Winter Tolt Nov 2018

Here is the running order for the Winter Tolt on Sunday 25th November, we shall try to keep to the timing as much as possible!

V5 9.00

Group Rider Hand
1 Kathryn R
1 Debbie R
2 Faye R
2 Jane R
3 Wayne L
3 Jenny L


T7 9.40

Group Rider Hand
1 Barry Laker R
1 Jane R
2 Rhona L
2 Kathryn L
3 Nina L
3 Philippa L
3 Jenny L


T1 10:10

Order Rider
1 Ellen
2 Torben
3 Jemimah
4 Harriet Frame
5 Nadine
6 Smari
7 Mike


T2 10:45

Order Rider
1 Mandy
2 Freija
3 Elizabeth


V1 11.00

Order Rider
1 Philippa
2 Barry
3 Ellen
4 Torben
5 Smari
6 Harriet
7 Nadine
8 Jemimah


F1 11:50

Order Rider
1 Freija
2 Mike
3 Mandy


Lunch 12.15


1.15 V5 final
1.40 V1 final
2.05 F1 final
2.30 T7 final
2.55 T1 final
3.20 T2 final
4.00 End