Winter Tolt October 2018

Here is the running order for Sunday – please check your entries and let me know if any problems! It is subject to changes!

A few requests:

  1. The running order is tight so we request that you are ready to go in for your test as soon as the last one is finished!
  2. Please bring your own mugs for drinks!
  3. Please bring your own food if you have any special requirements. There will be soup and sausages for lunch.
  4. Horse vehicles will be parked on the grass outside the riding hall.
  5. Horses will be in paddocks in the field next to the riding hall. Horses will be walked on the hard standing from school to and from the field.
  6. You can use all farm tracks and the riding hall to warm up. Please don’t use the main entrance drive.
  7. If you wish to withdraw from any finals – please let us know over the lunch break, or sooner!

V5 9:00

Group Rider Hand

1 Thalia L

1 Wayne L

2 Jenny R

2 Janina (Lupina) R

3 Debbie R

3 Kathryn R

4 Kristina R

4 Imogen R

5 Tamsin L

5 Janina (Prawn) L

T7 10:00

Group Rider Hand

1 Barry R

1 Rhona R

2 Wayne L

2 Philippa L

2 Jenny L

3 Thalia L

3 Kristina L

3 H L

4 Debbie R

4 Janina R

5 Imogen R

5 Kathryn R

T1 11:00

Order Rider

1 Torben

2 Jemimah

3 Andrew

4 Fi

5 Harriet

6 Nadine

7 Kate

8 Mike

T2 11:40

Order Rider

1 Freija

2 Elizabeth

V1 12:00

Order Rider

1 Barry

2 Philippa

3 Torben

4 Jem

5 Harriet

6 Nadine

7 Kate

F1 12:40

Order Rider

1 Mike

2 Fi

3 Andrew

4 Freija

Oakfield Autumn Show

Last weekend, Jemimah was very fortunate to ride two of her sales/training horses at the Oakfield Autumn show. Assa performed well in the V7 and T5, qualifying in first place and Kjarkur also qualified in first place in the V1 and T1 (with 6.5). Jemimah would like to thank the owners of these two lovely horses for the chance to compete them!

IMG_2765assa IMG_2768 IMG_2767 IMG_2771 IMG_2774 IMG_2778

Dutch Championships 2018

We have returned from the Dutch Championships where we were fortunate to have some successes! Mike and Kafteinn won the PP1 Pace Test, and were 5th in the Speed Pace. Jemimah and Kolbeinn managed to score a Personal Best in the T1. It was a friendly and well organised competition. Furthermore, we had a HUGE surprise visit from Magnus and Petronella to support!!

Success at the British Championships

Last weekend we travelled to Scotland to compete at the British Championships which was also a world ranking competition. Mike and Kafteinn won the pace test and Five gait, and Hafeti won the speedpace. Jemimah was also very happy with her two, Fjolnir and Kolbeinn who won the T2, V1 and T1 between them. Both young horses achieved personal best scores over the weekend, but a particular highlight for Jemimah was a score of 7.11 with Kolbeinn in the T1 final! We thank the organisers for a successful and fun show, despite the weather!

Exloo Internationaal 2018

We have had a busy few weeks, including a week away at Exloo Internationaal, Holland. Mike and Kafteinn achieved second in the speed pace, and Hafeti won the 150m pace race! Jemimah and Fjolnir won their four gait class and came 2nd in their debut in T4! Kolbeinn also achieved 3rd places in his first international V1 and T1! We were very pleased with the horses! Here are some photos from the competition.

exloo18 8 exloo18 7 exloo18 6 exloo18 5 exloo18 4 exloo18 3 exloo18 2 exloo18 1