We have a number of sales horses available!

We are pleased to have a number of sales horses at Connegar Farm currently, and eagerly waiting for visitors after lockdown! They were all imported from Iceland before Christmas 2020 and are settling in well! Get in touch or see our sales page for more information.

4 thoughts on “We have a number of sales horses available!

  1. Hi

    I am looking for an older Icelandic 8 years plus (past teenage years) on the higher side 147 cm 14.2. I need a horse confident to ride out alone and on the roads so good with traffic. I have an Icelandic and other horses which I keep at my own home with stables and 20 acres of land. I enjoy hacking and sponsored rides. Sadly my horses are now elderly and my Icelandic is not able to be ridden at the moment.

    Can you let me know if you have anything suitable.

  2. Hi I’m looking for a safe hack. I’m getting a bit older and ride alone 50% of the time so needs to be sane. Preferably a gelding. Looking for something to bring me joy rather than terror! Do you think you may have something to suit me? Lovely home awaits…

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