Draupnir retires

This week, Draupnir has retired. He will be 21 next year and while he is still fighting fit and healthy, he has been an amazing horse for Jemimah – getting her first ‘7’ in T2, and staying successful in the UK since. He will be very missed as a riding horse but has moved into a field with some of our other older geldings to be deservedly happy as a horse.

bc11 P1000024 fluffy1 img_5992.jpg

Return from the World Championships with TWO rosettes!

Wow, what a week for Team GB and for us! One Gold, One Bronze and 3 other rosette placings – two of which was Mike and Kafteinn! Not only did he ride an amazing Five Gait test, ending in 11th place, he then got the chance to ride in the B final where he ended in 9th place bringing home a pink rosette for Team Connegar and Team GB. Furthermore, after completing the Five Gait, Tolt T1, Pace Test and Speed Pace, he also managed to get into 9th spot in the combination prize and another rosette! Jemimah rode Noi in the T1, ending in the middle of a very tough field. Here are some pictures from the week.

20170806_181125 20170806_183027 20170809_171402 20170811_133902 20170812_114440 20170812_122329 20170812_132310 20170813_082701 IMG_1082[1] IMG_1108[1] IMG_1112[1] Photo 04-08-2017, 10 47 44 am Photo 11-08-2017, 5 36 34 pm Photo 12-08-2017, 11 51 50 am Team GB 2017Photo 07-08-2017, 7 24 10 pm Photo 07-08-2017, 7 24 16 pm Photo 07-08-2017, 7 24 19 pm Photo 12-08-2017, 10 58 21 am Photo 12-08-2017, 11 24 40 am Photo 13-08-2017, 5 49 38 pm Photo 13-08-2017, 5 49 49 pm Photo 14-08-2017, 8 10 44 am

Connegar on the radio and in the local paper!

Preparations for the World Championships are well underway, we have just spent a good two days with Magnus getting last minute tips! As well as this, Mike was on the radio this morning talking about our horses and the team going to the WCs! You can find it about 1h58 at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p057m9r9 for the next month!

We also managed to get into the local paper! See http://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/sport/15434785.Equestrian__World_stage_set_for_Adams_family/

A memorable British Championships 2017!

At the weekend we competed at the British Championships 2017 in Spalding, where we had some very memorable and super results! Mike and Kafteinn almost matched their personal best in the F1 qualifier, whilst Jemimah and Hafeti managed to improve their own personal best scores! Jemimah and Kolbeinn managed to score their personal bests and brought home the V1 trophy, what an amazing result for such a young horse. Jemimah also rode our Stallion Noi, who came over from Sweden only a week earlier and they managed to lead the T1 qualifier and brought home the trophy with a top score of 7.56! What an amazing tournament!

Success at Exloo International

Last week we travelled to Holland to compete at Exloo International, with four of the horses; Kafteinn, Hafeti, Fjolnir and Kolbeinn. It was a great week at a very enjoyable competition, in which Hafeti won the F2, Fjolnir won the V2 and Kolbeinn won the T3! Kafteinn and Hafeti were also in the top 10 of the speedpace.

It was also fun to watch some of our regular ‘students’ and friends competing and doing well with their horses.

Pictures to follow…

Fun at the Spring Show

This weekend we’ve been competing at the Spring Show! Kafteinn strutted his stuff in the F1, Fjolnir had a winning debut in the T1 qualifier and a joint win in his first V1 final, Jemimah had her debut in the F1 and Draupnir showed his awesomeness in the T2! (Photos thanks to various people and Janina Hetz!)