Sport Rider Development Programme a success

On the 28/29 November, we held a sport rider development programme weekend at Connegar Farm. There were 6 participants who brought their horses with them. The group discussed their horses and the ‘type’ of horse they believed they had which could help them focus their training and then they learnt all about some ways of training to utilise over the winter as well as ground work to use with their horses.

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All riders were video’d so that they could take home the video to watch later. It was a very fun weekend with some great company, horses and riders – so Thank you all!

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Testimony from participants:

“I wanted to thank you all for a fantastic weekend. Both your teaching and guidance were so helpful and encouraging and I’m sure will make a big difference to my horse and I. I really appreciate the time you gave us over the weekend – whether that was teaching, discussing or cooking lunches. And so generous to keep the cost so low and let me stay in your cosy cottage!”