Noi från Brösarpsgården (SWE)

noiNoi från Brösarpsgården (SE2009110615) is a four gaited first prize stallion (8.03).

Noi is a very beautiful stallion with a good head, neck and proportions. He is well balanced and has good gaits with great action. He is a very nice stallion with a good mind and he is very cooperative.

Following the World Championships, he once again resides at Brosarpsgarden, Sweden, with Magnus Skulason who is training him.


F: Kiljan frá Blesastöðum 1A (8.17)
FF: Töfri frá Kjartansstöðum (8.45)
M: Náttfaradís från Wreta (8.56)
MF: Týr vom Rappenhof (8.47)

Facts about parents:

Náttfaradís från Wreta is one of the best four gaited mares in the world. She has 9 or above for all gaits, including 10 for trot!

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