Winter Tolt Series 2019-2020

Winter Tolt 29th Feb- 1st March!

img_3342.jpgHere follows all the information you might need for the third, and final, of the Winter Tolt weekends on 29th Feb-1st March.

We are very happy to invite Mark Timmerman, from Holland, for the third of the winter tolt series weekends. He will be offering lessons on the Saturday, with the Winter Tolt competition on the Sunday! Lesson numbers will likely be limited to 10-12 riders of one session of 40 mins each.

Arrival can be from 4pm on Friday 28th February.


£40 for a session.


Entry £15 per class

T1, T2, F1, V1

T6, T7, V5, F2/3


£15 for the weekend, to include bedding and hay/haylage if required.

Is available on a first come, first served basis, with priority to stallions. Please note – there is one left down the road!

Paddock/Corralling is available but we will have to keep an eye on the weather!

We do ask that you leave your stables and paddocks clean! Do not feed hay in the pens unless there is a hay feeder in there, pick up any droppings and please empty the wheelbarrows in the provided place/s. Sadly – due to previous experiences – we will have to charge you for cleaning your stables, pens or paddocks if you do not leave them as you found them. They are our personal stables/pens which we use full time and make sure are clean for you to use, so please respect our home and facilities.


The cottage is available first come first served. There are 3 singles and 1 double room only.

£20 per night pp, includes breakfast.

Please adhere to the rules, and do not enter the cottage if you are not staying in there, unless invited. Again, due to experience, we will now be ensuring that it is locked to respect the privacy of those who have paid to use it.


A simple lunch will be provided at £5 pp per day.

Evening meals are not provided – There are places to go to eat in the local area or takeaways in Shaftesbury or Sturminster Newton.


The Saxon Inn, Child Okeford

The Bakers Arms, Child Okeford

The Crown, Marnhull

The Kings Arms, on A30 East Stour


Parking will be tight so please follow directions when you arrive!

Please email with your entries and questions! You can Paypal (friends and family) entries/stabling/catering etc. to the same email address.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions if we have forgotten anything!

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Running lists

Class running lists will be in the riding hall.

Please be ready for your class, please get in and out once you’ve finished so we can get through all of the classes in time!

Rough timetable for Sunday:

8am V5

8.30 V1

9.25 F2/3

9.35 F1

9.50 T7

10.15 T1

11.00 T6

11.05 T2

11.30 V5 final

11.50-12.40 Lunch

12.40 V1 final

1pm F1/F2/3 final

1.20 T7 final

1.35 T1 final

1.55 T2 final

2.30 Prize giving will follow finals in riding school!

Who will be the series winners?!