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Please get in touch with us if you are interested in any of our horses for sale or to find out more information. All horses have been trained sympathetically including methods from Benni Lindal, Maaike Burggrafer and Magnus Skulason.

If we don’t have anything suitable available we often know of other horses for sale so please get in touch.

Kaspar from Witchampton GB2012171018


Four gaited gelding for sale. Kaspar from Witchampton is 6 years old and approx. 139cm. He has a nice and calm walk, a good trot and a clear three beated canter and is able to be ridden in form in all gaits with a good mouth. We tried first bits of tolt last year and more recently started training him further in tolt but he has already developed a clear beated tolt in form in a slow to medium speed. We are confident that with more strength he will be able to become faster in tolt. Kaspar knows basic dressage and is reacting well to the aids. He is a well behaved horse and our school master in lunging but also loves his cuddles. He is full brother to our First prize mare Svala.

Kaspar has been ridden in the school, on the track and outside (alone and in groups). He left the farm the first time last month to test him in other surroundings and exceeded our expectations with scoring up to 5 in each gait in the Four Gait at the Oakfield spring show. We are confident that he’s capable of getting higher marks in the future, he’ll just need more strength and routine and we are very interested to see how he will develop – sadly you just can’t keep them all!

Due to him being a younger horse, who will still need more training and to develop the strength further we’d wish for a rider who already is a bit experienced but if you’re interested in him please get in touch and we’ll gladly provide further information! Price will increase with training.

Assa fra Adalboli I IS2010201657

img_9168.jpg img_9341.jpg img_9257.jpg

Assa is for sale on behalf of her owner. She is a fun 8 year old mare, good breeding lines, BLUP 112, 5 gaited with a natural tolt, but the other gaits are also easily accessible. She is an easy riding horse, with a good mouth and not too fast or too slow, not lazy, but not crazy! She has been exposed to School work, riding out, has met tractors, hedge cutters, balers, will lead a hand horse, goes with the quad bike and isn’t naturally scared! She will make someone a lovely riding horse with the ability to do competitions too! She has just been to the Autumn show and qualified first in the intermediate classes! For more info, please get in touch.

Soley from Witchampton GB2013271010

5 year old mare, with first prize parents (M: Svala F: Simon), 5 gaited, with good strong character! She is being ridden out in company, or in the school and tolt is being trained. She also has a lot of pace! Needs further training to be ‘established’ as she’s still young, but might be suitable for someone who’d like to bring her on further and have a nice riding mare, with the possibility of more!

Katur from Witchampton GB2017171009

Yearling colt out of our own Komma. Likely to be 5 gaited, curious and friendly. Currently still entire, but due to be gelded this winter. Perfect if you’d like a blank canvas! Komma was ridden at the World Championship’s in T2 with 2 different riders, and Katur’s father is Snaevar, who is now in Germany.

11 thoughts on “Horses for Sale

  1. is it possible for ruth colwell and i to come down on the 16th to have a lesson. and view any horses you have for sale. i would need a chunky built calm ,kind, first horse. as although i have ridden for over 30yrs, i regard myself as a nervous rider. and although short am rather chunky myself. thanks lorraine

  2. hi jemimah, is fjalar still for sale. he’s the sort of height i’m looking for. do you think he might be suitable. thanks lorraine collins

  3. jemimah, was wondering when you were next abroad buying. what sort of price i would need to let you have. if you can recall i am looking for a heavily built gelding about 10 – 12yrs old suitable for a novice rider. about 13.2- 13.3 hh if poss. thankyou for letting me see you wonderful horses. and looking into a mount for me. although you may know of something suitable in this neck of the woods,and not have to search abroad. lorraine.

  4. see your two beauties are on site. may i ask what a blup is? also would either be suitable for a novice icey owner. as you know i have experiance with mostly cobs. and the odd small childs ponies (welshies mostly). thanks lorraine.

  5. Just wondering if you could tell me a bit more about Hilda. Such as what age she was brought on, what is she like out hacking alone, with traffic. What is she like with other horses. Any signs of sweet itch. Also height and cost. Many thanks.

  6. Hello
    I’m looking for a weanling and (or) for an 12 Years plus one (no stallions)
    Pleasure home do loads of hacking around Europe
    Do you know anyone or have one for sale

  7. Hello, I am new to the breed. It very interested. I lost my beautiful fjord row weeks ago and am looking for a different pony as my partner in crime. I would be grateful if you could email me details do the above gelding.
    Many thanks,

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