A visit from the Shillingstone and District Riding Club!

This week, we were excited to host a group of 20 riders from the Shillingstone and District Riding Club (SDRC), who came to see our beautiful horses. They enjoyed a little refreshment while Mike talked to them about the Icelandic Horse, why we love them so much and answered any questions they had about Icelandics. Following this, the group had a look at the stables and met some of the horses. We then rode four of the horses to demonstrate their gaits; Mike rode Svala demonstrating a T1, Jemimah rode a V1 on Snaevar while Elizabeth rode a T2 on Odinn and finally Mike demonstrated pace on Hafeti. We offered any of the group to ‘have a go’ and one lady jumped on board and came off beaming that Icelandic grin!

Here are a few photo’s from the evening:

IMG_2371IMG_2377 IMG_2373 Snaevar3Snaevar4IMG_2378IMG_2382group1

We received a very nice email the next day Thanking us for the evening “A huge thank you to you and your family for welcoming us all to your home yesterday evening.  Your passion for your sport and your horses is evident. Also a special thank you from me personally for your generosity in allowing me to ride your fantastic horse. It was like being put behind the wheel of a Ferrari – I want an Icelandic for TREC! Please pass on my thanks to your parents for an unforgettable experience – I am still buzzing this morning”.

British Championships a success

Last weekend, we hosted the British Championships at Connegar Farm which was also a world ranking event. We were delighted to welcome international judges from Germany, Iceland, Switzerland and the UK.

hafeti1 kafteinn1 komma1 Snaevar1 Fjolnir1 Dogun2 Stapi1 fluffy1Svala1

Mike rode some excellent pace tests and speed pace tests on Kafteinn and Hafeti, and a very nice five gait program on Kafteinn. He also won the preliminary on Svala in the T1. It was Elizabeth’s debut with Komma in the T2 who did a nice test. Jemimah rode the two new stallions in the V1, and lead the preliminaries. She also rode Fjolnir and Dogun in Intermediate classes as well as Stapi and Draupnir in the T2. Draupnir did a great test and got some great marks up to 7.5 for the loose rein section in the final.

We were very happy with all our horses and it was great to see the Youth and Adult riders doing so well.

Also during the weekend, one of the judges’ daughters got to ride Sokkull ‘just for fun!’.