Success at Exloo Internationaal!

We are now back in the UK and so are our horses who have been away for almost 6 weeks. They have had a relaxing week after competing at Exloo Internationaal in Holland where they performed well! Mike and Kafteinn were competing in the F1 Five gait where they managed to get in the A final. Unfortunately, Kafteinn was too full of energy and expectant of the pace so Mike missed some pace runs so didn’t do as well as hoped but rode a very good final in the circumstances!


Andrew and Hafeti also managed to ride into the A final in the F2, where Hafeti also got excited (after competing in the Pace Test and Speed Pace the day before) and they did not finish the final, however, they got some excellent scores for their tolt and trot so it is very encouraging.



Elizabeth rode Stapi in the T4, and managed to secure 7th place with a good show. Jemimah and Kraftur performed well, getting in both A finals of the T1 and V1, and came home with 3rd and 2nd place which was amazing!


It was also lovely to watch our friends and co-riders from Great Britain ride in the competition too – well done to Dave (Lina), Ann (Brjann), Freija (Ljori), Torben (Pipar) and Nadine (Odinn)!




Spring Show 2015



We have had a fun time at the Spring Show this weekend! Jemimah rode Draupnir who performed very well in the V1 and T2 and one of the sales horses, Sokkull, who won his class, the intermediate four gait! Elizabeth and Stapi did a good T2 performance, Mike rode Svala in the T1 and Andrew rode Hafeti in the F1. We were all very happy with the horses!

Fun, learning and success in Sweden and Denmark!

We are back from our second trip to Sweden which ended in a competition in Denmark, Isicup! During her time in Sweden, Jemimah was lucky to enjoy a variety of fun! She got to ride some of the training and sales horses in the beautiful landscape, give Kraftur a ‘spa day’ and have some training with both Kraftur and Blida, watch Josefin Birkebro give a course over the weekend to 10 riders and view Magnus Skulason teaching students, ride on the beach with Blida and finish with success at Isicup!


Mike flew out a little later and also had training and competed successfully with his horse Kafteinn, reaching 8th place in the Five gait (F1) and 6th in the Speed Pace! Jemimah managed to ride into 5th place in the Tolt (T1) and the A final and despite making some errors in her Four gait (V1), had the opportunity to ride the B final and was second, missing a place in the A final by a small margin! We are very happy with our horses and we look forward to going to Europe again for the next competition!