Home from a great week in Sweden and Isicup!



 We have had a great week in Sweden at Brosarpsgarden which ended with competing at Isicup, Margaretehof where we saw a lot of good horses and riders which was very inspiring! This was our first big competition of the year and both Mike and Jemimah rode well in Five and Four Gait but unfortunate mistakes costed some marks! Jemimah rode a good T1, ending with 6.2. Mike also did a great Pace test, and a fast run in speed pace put him in the top ten! We look forward to our next trip to Sweden where we will train and compete at Isicup, Denmark!  Congratulations to Magnus Skulason who rode Simon to win the Five gait combination prize, it was nice to see him compete!

Fun in Sweden :)

We have been here for two days and have had a chance to try out the horses after their journey and they are feeling good. Today we practiced our programmes on the oval track and got video’d, always a scary prospect!


 Jemimah has also had the chance to ride some horses of different ages including the past world champion Mjolnir fra Dalbae and watch horses in the water treadmill which was great!

Fun at the Easter Show!

We have had a great weekend at the Easter Show at Verwood, where we took seven horses. Mike rode Svala in the T1 and won the final. He also rode Stapi in the T2. Jemimah rode Kraftur in the T1 and V1 and won the V1.


Andvari had his debut in the intermediate four gait, behaving beautifully for a young horse and managing to get in the final. Dynjandi also did well in his second show, also ending up in the final. Blida and Jemimah did their debut in the F1 ending in first place. We also took Odinn for our friend, Nadine, to ride in the T2 who rode beautifully and won the qualifier! Thank you to Oakfield for another fun show!