Success at the British Championships

Last weekend we travelled to Scotland to compete at the British Championships which was also a world ranking competition. Mike and Kafteinn won the pace test and Five gait, and Hafeti won the speedpace. Jemimah was also very happy with her two, Fjolnir and Kolbeinn who won the T2, V1 and T1 between them. Both young horses achieved personal best scores over the weekend, but a particular highlight for Jemimah was a score of 7.11 with Kolbeinn in the T1 final! We thank the organisers for a successful and fun show, despite the weather!

Exloo Internationaal 2018

We have had a busy few weeks, including a week away at Exloo Internationaal, Holland. Mike and Kafteinn achieved second in the speed pace, and Hafeti won the 150m pace race! Jemimah and Fjolnir won their four gait class and came 2nd in their debut in T4! Kolbeinn also achieved 3rd places in his first international V1 and T1! We were very pleased with the horses! Here are some photos from the competition.

exloo18 8 exloo18 7 exloo18 6 exloo18 5 exloo18 4 exloo18 3 exloo18 2 exloo18 1

Oakfield Spring Show

A couple of weeks ago we took Kaspar, Fjolnir and Kolbeinn to Oakfield Spring Show. It was Kaspar’s first time away and he took it all extremely well! He achieved marks up to 5 for all gaits, so we were very pleased with him. Fjolnir debuted in T2 and did a great job, while Kolbeinn performed well in V1 and T1!

SS18 1 SS18 Kas1 SS18 F2 SS18 F1